Own your own unit...

Ever wanted a self-sustaining holiday home that will earn you money when not
used by yourself without the hassle of actually administering it yourself?
Then this might be the investment opportunity you are looking for…


Over the past few years, the KwanGwanase area has received significant attention and infrastructure spend. Road improvements have increased the accessibility to this world heritage site of Kosi Bay. Across the border, the Mozambican Government has embarked on various infrastructure and tourism development programmes, one of which being a tarred road joining Maputo to the southern border.

These initiatives have led to constantly increasing demand for holiday accommodation in the Kosi Bay area with its unspoilt beaches and unchartered oceans. To cater for the increase in demand, we have embarked on an expansion programme of the Kosi Bay Lodge operations. This said, given the constant return of most of our patrons, our vision of having self-sustaining lodge operations and instead of keeping it all to ourselves, we decided to share this investment opportunity with you.

The investment concept...

The investment concept is based on a vision that a family home should pay for itself and render an additional return to the investor.

The lodge expansion is limited to thirteen additional family units. The investment mechanism is based on a lease of a family unit for up to 80 years as the underlying land belongs to the community. The initial lease period is up to 40 years at an initial capital outlay to erect the unit. The lease includes a renewal clause for another 40 year period at the option of the leaseholder at no additional costs.
The lease entitles you as the investor the right of use of the unit for 365/6 days a year. As such, you will always have first option when it comes to booking your own unit at no additional cost to you. In addition, during periods where you are not occupying the unit, it will form part of a rental pool with 75% of your unit’s rental income accruing to you as the investor. All transactions are settled on a monthly basis with the investor.

What makes this even better is the fact that the lodge operations will look after your unit during your time of absence and just bill you for any necessary repairs and maintenance - giving you more holiday time for family and to relax and enjoy your precious leave.
In addition to the above, the lease contains a buyback clause whereby Kosi Bay Lodge cc will buy back the unit at the original purchase price should there be a dispute/disagreement between the Lessee and Kosi Bay Lodge cc and the Lessee disagrees with the arbitration result.

For more information contact us at: investments@kosibaylodgepc.co.za

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